Packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, candles

We make cosmetic packaging for delivery, presentation, and sale

Packaging for cosmetics
Packaging for cosmetics

Basic materials for the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumery packaging

Basic packaging designs for cosmetic products

...and you can also create your own unique design/

Which will take into account various packaging options for perfumes, cosmetics, hygiene products, candles. We create packaging for things of different sizes: from a toothbrush to a beauty box or a cosmetic advent calendar.

What you will get by cooperating with VEREN GROUP/

Design department

We are engaged in creative and technical design. We effectively combine knowledge and experience in packaging production, which help create complex packaging solutions for your cosmetics. Furthermore, we have a lot of developments and ready-made packaging designs for perfumes, cosmetics, and hygiene products. We promptly develop and test packaging structures.

Own production

We develop and manufacture packaging on our own equipment. We effectively combined technological processes: from printing machines to manual packaging manufacturing processes. Every employee of the company understands how important it is to produce a quality product with your own hands. Our most valuable resource is our people.

Short deadlines

By means of own production. Example: the development of a new packaging design for cosmetics using cellulose or designer cardboard from an idea to a pilot sample is done in 2–3 hours, and your order in an individual design can be ready in 3 working days.

Storage service

If you don’t have a place to store a full run of products, we provide a storage service. Partial shipment of products upon readiness or partial shipment upon demand is possible.

Additional packaging elements for cosmetics and perfumery

Advantages of our packaging for cosmetics and perfumery

WOW effect

In order to make an unforgettable impression on the customer who chose your brand, it is clearly not enough to simply pack the cream in polyethylene. We at VEREN GROUP are absolutely sure that it is definitely possible to extend the emotion of the joy of buying your cosmetics thanks to aesthetic and effective packaging.

Advent calendars and beauty boxes have gained particular popularity recently. This packaging format will allow you to sell cosmetics in sets or lines, and the client will receive, in addition to a high-quality product, an impressive gift box.

Protection during transportation

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increase in online trading. Customers increasingly choose delivery instead of long walks in shopping centers. That is why we emphasize the high quality of packaging solutions for cosmetics. We make packaging sets taking into account all possible formats of selling your products, both in a traditional store and online. Our boxes based on microcorrugated cardboard withstand perfectly several shipments without losing the appearance of the packaging and fully protect cosmetics in glass, plastic, ceramics from damage during delivery by postal services.

Brand promotion

Probably, every marketer (and not only) knows that the story of a brand begins even before the meeting with the product itself. It is from the packaging that your client starts getting acquainted with the perfume or cream. And the first impression is the most important. For example, an advent calendar is a great way to familiarize a client with a line of care or decorative cosmetics. And the beauty box will allow you to sell cosmetics and perfumes in sets without being tied to a specific brand. Reality shows that the effective presentation of cosmetic products through well-thought-out packaging is an indispensable condition for promotion. We advise you to use comprehensive packaging solutions for cosmetics as a means of influencing the desire of customers to buy your product again and again.

Convenience of storage

Most clothing packaging designs are transported and stored flat, which significantly optimizes logistics and warehouse costs. At the same time, such packaging is functional and versatile, for example: the same box can be used for different products.

Our clients


Steps in the production of packaging for cosmetics and perfumes →


Clarification of the client’s needs and analysis of the line of cosmetic products to be packaged. Consultation on the choice of design and box manufacturing technology in accordance with design preferences, parameters of storage and transportation of cosmetics or perfumes, and sales format (online/offline).


Formation of a technical and price offer for the manufacture of packaging based on the selected manufacturing technologies, constructions, dimensions, features of transportation and storage of the finished edition of boxes.


Production of a test sample of the box of the finalized size in the material and according to the technology chosen by the client for approval.


Development of design layouts for approval according to the customer’s corporate style, visual concept of the packaging line, wishes regarding the print format, and decoration with decorative elements. Provided in 2D and 3D visualizations with a full technical description of the packaging composition.


Finalization of all technical and price features, deadlines for the order of boxes. Documentation by agreeing on design layouts, a contract for the production of a batch of packaging and a complete technical specification of the packaging order.


Covers pre-press preparation of materials, printing and post-press processes, production of blanks and the final product — boxes. Packing of the run of boxes and their preparation for transportation to the customer and storage.


Partial shipment of the first finished part of the boxes (on request) or full shipment of the finished batch is possible. We also have the opportunity to provide the service of temporary storage and shipment of the order of boxes in parts in the event that there is not enough space for storage at the customer’s location.

Frequently asked questions when ordering the production of boxes

How to get acquainted with samples of boxes?

You can familiarize yourself with our products:

  • by visiting our office at the address: Kyiv, str. Kostyantynivska, 73
  • having received free product samples by Nova Poshta
  • on our website in the “Our projects” section
  • in social networks of Veren Group.

How to choose a box structure?

To correctly choose the design of the box, you need to determine:

  • product category (food / clothing / accessories, etc.)
  • the size (gradation of sizes) of the products to be packed
  • type of opening of the box (see the section “main structures”)
  • the main tasks of packaging (delivery / preserving the integrity of the product / wow-effect).

How to choose a material for making a box?

From our experience, it is optimal to use the following relationship “material – purpose of packaging”:

  • cellulose cardboard – boxes for food, oversized clothes, textiles, underwear
  • designer cardboard – gift boxes with a mission to make an extraordinary impression
  • micro-corrugated cardboard boxes to deliver your product safely and beautifully
  • binding cardboard — premium packaging for gifts, flowers, souvenirs, cosmetics, gadgets and much more.

How to order boxes?

First of all, you need to decide on the list and sizes of the products to be packed. Next, decide on the dimensions, materials for production and the number of boxes. And you can get a consultation in any convenient way:

What are the terms of production of boxes?

The estimated time for the production of boxes starts from 15 working days, depending on the chosen technology and the total volume of the order. The actual launch of a batch of boxes into production is possible only if the following stages are completed:

  1. finalization of the cost and technical features of the order
  2. signing the contract and specifications
  3. design layout approval
  4. receiving an advance payment.

What affects the cost of boxes?

The cost of producing a print run of cardboard boxes depends on many factors:

  • number of required boxes
  • box size
  • materials (pulp/designer/binding)
  • design features (type of CMYK/Pantone printing, use of metallic or highly pigmented Pantone colors)
  • the presence of additional post-printing finishing processes (embossing, congreve, selective UF-varnishing)
  • accessories (magnets, tape elements, plastic or decorative handles, etc.)
  • features of the design solution, for example, such an additional option as flat box storage.

Important stages of approval of the launch into production

  1. Creation and coordination of the design layout
  2. Selection of materials for making boxes
  3. Development and approval of the design
  4. Production of a test sample (provided the design is developed from scratch)
  5. Production and approval of a color certificate (in the case of Pantone printing) or a digital color proof (in the case of CMYK printing)
  6. Adjustment of design details, size, decoration
  7. Finalization of design layouts and contractual documentation.

What are the terms and methods of payment?

Advance payment in the amount of 70% of the full run cost is made before starting the order for work. The balance of 30% is payable on the day the order is shipped.

It is possible to pay for the order:

  • according to the details of the LLC
  • according to the details of the FOP

What are the terms of shipment and delivery?

Shipment of the run is possible after full payment of the invoice.

Possible delivery options:

  • in Ukraine – by Nova Poshta or a private carrier
  • in Kyiv – by our courier or taxi service.