We make cardboard boxes

We find a concept, create a design, choose technologies and make packaging

cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes

Basic materials for making boxes

Cellulose cardboard/

Packaging boxes

◼ Self-assembling structure of the box


◼ For an effective product presentation when buying offline


◼ Stored and transported flat


◼ We do not recommend for the transportation of products by delivery services


◼ It has the lowest cost


Packaging boxes

◼ Fully or partially self-assembled construction


◼ For effective product presentation when buying offline. It has a more spectacular appearance


◼ Stored and transported flat


◼ It has a much higher cost


Packaging boxes

◼ Fully self-assembled structure


◼ For delivery of online orders. Reliable and stylish.


◼ Ideal for transportation


◼ Stored flat


◼ Higher cost due to strengthening with microcorrugation

Binding cardboard/

Packaging boxes

◼ Mostly, it is stored in a finished form


◼ For effective product presentation when buying offline. It is the top of the premium line of packaging


◼ Strong and effective construction


◼ Needs more storage space


◼ High cost

Basic constructions of boxes

We have been designing and manufacturing cardboard packaging for 15 years/

An ideal construct

Thoughtful shape, color and appropriate materials. We select the type of packaging, the type of opening, the ability to withstand the load during transportation based on the tasks facing the box designer.

Objective price

We do not claim to have the lowest price. But, this price always corresponds to the resulting packaging solution for your product.

Selection of technology

We give each project enough time to select materials and production processes. As a result, we get the desired color, taking into account printing technologies, a durable and ecological structure, a good combination of price and quality of packaging.

Emphasis on details

To achieve pleasant visual and tactile emotions, we use selective UV varnishing, embossing, congreve and holograms, Soft-touch / Velvet-touch coating and Micro-Embossing technology.

Cardboard packaging is used for:

  • packaging for cookies
  • boxes for cakes, sweets
  • for chocolate, macarons
  • packaging of croissants, marshmallows
Packaging boxes
  • packaging for bed linen
  • packaging for textiles
  • underwear packaging
  • packaging for children’s clothing
Packaging boxes
  • for perfumery
  • for cosmetics
  • for household chemicals
  • packaging of candles
Packaging boxes

Packaging for flowers/

  • boxes for flower compositions
  • buckets with handles for flowers
  • carrying boxes for flowers
  • multi-purpose boxes
Packaging boxes

Packaging for alcohol/

  • boxes for bottles
  • boxes for a set of bottle + glasses
  • carrying boxes for 4–6 bottles
  • for transporting alcohol
Packaging boxes

For jewelry packaging/

  • boxes for engagement rings and rings
  • boxes for earrings and brooches
  • necklace boxes
  • for jewelry sets and costume jewelry
Packaging boxes

Our advantages

Design department

Creative and technical design. A unique combination of knowledge and experience in the production of boxes that help create the perfect solution.

We have our own production

We understand the importance of having our own production facilities, modern printing and special equipment.

Short deadlines

We work quickly due to our own production. For example, the development of an individual design and the production of a beautiful box can be done in 3 working days.

We provide storage service

If the client does not have a place to store a full run of packaging, we provide our own storage service. Partial shipments of the print run are possible upon availability and/or partial shipments upon request.

Our clients


Packaging production steps →

Contact and consultation

Finding out the needs of the client and analyzing the product to be packaged. Consultation on the choice of constructions and box manufacturing technologies in accordance with the wishes and parameters of the product.

Commercial offer

Forming a technical price proposal for the manufacture of boxes based on the selected manufacturing technologies, designs, sizes and other features.

Test sample

Production of a box test sample in the final size and material according to the technology chosen by the client for approval.

Development and approval of box design

Development of design layouts for approval in accordance with the customer’s corporate style, wishes for print format, decoration and decorative elements. Available in 2D and 3D renderings, with a full technical description of the contents of the box.

The contract on production

Finalization of all technical and price features, deadlines for the order of boxes. Documentation on design layouts, a contract for the production of a product batch and a complete technical specification of the order.

Production of boxes

Covers pre-press preparation of materials, printing and post-press processes, production of workpieces and the final product — boxes. 100% of the boxes made of binding cardboard are made manually.

Shipment of finished boxes or storage

Partial shipment of the first finished part of the boxes (on request) or full shipment of the finished batch is possible. We also have the opportunity to provide the service of temporary storage and shipment of orders in parts (as needed).

Frequently asked questions when ordering the production of boxes

How to get acquainted with sample boxes?

You can familiarize yourself with our products:

  • by visiting our office in Kyiv, Kostyantynivska, 73
  • having received free product samples by Nova Poshta
  • on our website in the ”Our projects” section
  • in social networks of Veren Group

How to choose the design of the box?

In order to correctly choose the design of the box, you need to determine:

  • product category (food / clothing / accessories, etc.)
  • the size (gradation of sizes) of the products to be packed
  • type of opening of the box (see the section “Basic constructions of boxes”)
  • the main tasks of packaging (delivery / preserving the integrity of the product / wow-effect).

How to choose a material for a box?

From our experience, it is optimal to use the following relationship “material – purpose of packaging”:

  • cellulose cardboard – boxes for food, oversized clothes, textiles, underwear
  • designed cardboard – gift boxes with a mission to make an extraordinary impression
  • microcorrugated cardboard boxes to deliver your product safely and beautifully
  • binding cardboard — premium packaging for gifts, flowers, souvenirs, cosmetics, gadgets and much more.

How to order boxes?

Firstly, you need to decide on the list and sizes of the products to be packed. Next, decide on the dimensions, materials for production and the number of boxes. And you can get a consultation in any convenient way:

What are the terms of production?

The approximate period for the production of boxes starts from 15 working days, depending on the chosen technology and the total volume of the order. The actual launch of a batch of boxes into production is possible only if the following stages are completed:

  1. finalization of the cost and technical features of the order
  2. signing the contract and specifications
  3. design layout approval
  4. receiving an advance payment.

What affects the cost of boxes?

The cost of producing a print run of cardboard boxes depends on many factors:

  • number of required boxes
  • box size
  • materials (pulp/designer/binding)
  • design features (type of CMYK/Pantone printing, use of metallic or highly pigmented Pantone colors)
  • the presence of additional post-printing finishing processes (embossing, congreve, UF-varnishing)
  • accessories (magnets, tape elements, plastic or decorative handles)
  • features of the design solution, for example, such an additional option as flat box storage.

Important stages of approval of the launch into production

  1. Creation and approval of the design layout
  2. Selection of materials for boxes
  3. Development and approval of the design
  4. Production of a test sample (provided the design is developed from scratch)
  5. Production and approval of a color certificate (in the case of Pantone printing) or a digital color proof (in the case of CMYK printing)
  6. Adjustment of design details, size, decoration
  7. Finalization of design layouts and contractual documentation.

What are the terms and methods of payment?

Advance payment in the amount of 70% of the full run cost is made before starting the order for work. The balance of 30% is payable on the day the order is shipped.

It is possible to pay for the order:

  • according to the requisites of the LLC
  • according to the requisites of the FOP

What are the terms of shipment and delivery?

Shipment of the run is possible after full payment of the invoice.

Possible delivery options:

  • in Ukraine – by Nova Poshta or a private carrier
  • in Kyiv – by our courier or taxi service.