We make bags from paper & cardboard

The full cycle of production — from concept to implementation

bags from paper and cardboard
bags from paper and cardboard

We have been making packages for 15 years

Paper bags

Paper bags

Chalked paper, density from 150 to 300 g/m2, string handle, standard bottom reinforcement.


Cardboard packages

Cardboard with a density of 150-270 g/m2, handle‑tape or string, additional reinforcement of the handle.

Kraft packages

Kraft packages

Kraft paper with a density of up to 120 g/m2, jute or flat kraft handle, standard bottom reinforcement.

Special tasks

Cardboard packages

Design materials, double reinforcement of the handles, decoration with a tie, reinforced bottom.

The main constructions of paper bags

With chisel handle

Paper bags

With a handle-lace

Paper bags

With a jute handle

Paper bags

With a ribbon

Paper bags

We have been designing and manufacturing packages for 15 years/

Perfect design

Thoughtful shape, color and appropriate materials. We produce packages that increase brand recognition, enhance the emotional effect of purchasing a product, and increase customer loyalty.

Really high quality

We design taking into account the specifics of use, conduct strength tests, use tested and certified materials. The handles of the bags do not come off 🙂

Nice to hold

We take into account tactile and aesthetic characteristics. Bag handles do not cut hands. To achieve pleasant tactile emotions, we use special Soft-touch / Velvet-touch coatings and Micro-Embossing, embossing, congrev technologies.

We do not skimp on the result

We use extremely high density materials. Yes, it is not cheap, but it allows you to get a product of good quality with high wear resistance. For example, a package can withstand at least 100 opens/closes.

Our advantages

Design department

Creative and technical design. A unique combination of knowledge and experience in the production of paper bags that help create the perfect solution.

Own production

Every employee of the company understands how important it is to produce a good product with your own hands. Our most valuable resource is our people. And also, a lot of printing equipment is collected as part of the production.

Short deadlines

Due to own production. Example: a package in an individual design can be ready in 3 working days.

Storage service

If the client does not have a place to store the full production run, we provide a storage service. Partial shipment of the print run is possible upon readiness or partial shipment as needed.

Our clients


How to order package production →

Contact and consultation

Finding out the needs of the client and analyzing the product to be packaged. Consultation of the client regarding the optimal dimensions and constructions of packaging in accordance with the wishes and parameters of the product.

Commercial offer

Developing technical and price proposal for the manufacture of packages based on the finalized dimensions, materials and other features.

Development and approval of package design

Development of design layouts for approval in accordance with the customer’s corporate style, wishes regarding the printing format, decoration and decorative elements of the packages.

The contract on production

Finalization of all technical and price features, manufacturing terms. Documentation on design layouts, a contract for the production of a product batch and a complete technical specification of the order.

Production of packages

It includes printing and post-printing processes, production of workpieces and the final product — a paper bag.

Shipment of finished packages or storage

Partial shipment of the first finished part of the packages (on request) or full shipment of the finished batch is possible. We also have the opportunity to provide the service of temporary storage and shipment of orders in parts (as needed).

Frequently asked questions when ordering the production of packages

How to get acquainted with product samples?

You can familiarize yourself with our products:

  • in our office at the address: 73 Kostyantynivska Street, Kyiv
  • having received free product samples by Nova Poshta
  • on our website in the “Our projects” section
  • in social networks of Veren Group

How to order packages?

Firstly, you need to decide on the list of products that need to be packed. Moreover, decide on the volume of the package order. Further, you can contact us for consultation and price offers in any convenient way:

What affects the cost of packages?

The cost of producing a print run of paper bags depends on many factors:

  • the number of required packages
  • size
  • material (standard or designer)
  • design features (type of CMYK or Pantone printing, use of metallic or highly pigmented Pantone colors)
  • the presence of additional post-printing finishing processes (embossing, congreve, UF-varnishing, etc.)
  • accessories (material and length of the handle, presence of other decorative elements, etc.)

Important stages of approval of the launch into production?

  • Creation and coordination of the design layout
  • in the case of printing using Pantone technology – production and approval of a color certificate
  • in the case of CMYK printing — approval of a digital color proof
  • production and approval of a test sample package
  • adjustment of design details, size, decoration.

What are the terms of package production?

The approximate period of production of packages starts from 7 working days and can reach 30 working days for every 50 thousand packages of circulation.

The actual launch of the circulation into production is possible only if the following stages are completed:

  1. finalization of the cost and technical features of the order
  2. signing the contract and specifications
  3. design layout approval
  4. receiving an advanced payment

What are the terms and methods of payment?

Advance payment in the amount of 70% of the cost of run is made before starting the work order. The balance of 30% is payable on the day the order is shipped.

It is possible to pay for the order:

  • according to the requisites of the LLC
  • according to the requisites of the FOP

What are the terms of shipment and delivery?

Shipment of the run is possible after full payment of the invoice.

Possible delivery options:

  • in Ukraine – by Nova Poshta or a private carrier
  • in Kyiv – by our courier or taxi service.
Paper bags

Advertising opportunities of paper bags/

We have prepared an article that will answer the most common questions about the advertising possibilities of paper bags. Also, we answered the most frequent questions about their production:


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